Pure essential oils for the health of you and your pets.

Essential Oils & Horses



We know that horse lovers are a special breed.   The depth of love one can feel for their horse is beyond what words can describe.

We get it.  You want the best for your horse.


Largely due to the way horses are kept today, unfortunately, our horses often have health challenges.  We do the best we can, but our options are often limited -which leaves us feeling sad, discouraged and sometimes even hopeless.  


As an equine podiatrist and animal aromatherapy specialist, we know that essential oils are an effective and gentle answer to many of today’s common equine problems.  Often, they can bring relief where current veterinary medicines might fall short.

Chronic conditions like allergies, arthritis,  pain, stress related conditions and behavioral problems are some of the conditions that may respond to essential oils.



You don’t have to choose just one way. 

 We’ve seen a partnership between conventional and holistic medicine work beautifully for all species.  Sometimes the sum is greater than either of the parts. 

Using essential oils for your horse might just be the answer.




So the two of you can live the life you dreamed of…. when it was all just a dream. 

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