Nutritional Mapping

The body is meant to be well.

It has amazing and plentiful ways of maintaining its balance and state of homeostasis. Your body will always try to keep you well until you push it past its compensatory mechanisms.   But it needs the tools; nutrition, lack of toxicity, good thoughts, words and movement.  These are the tools.

Besides your physical-ness you have a whole energy-self.  There is always an imbalance in your energetic body/etheric self before you see a physical manifestation of illness. Spiritual, mental and emotional imbalances can, and often do lead to physical manifestations in the way of disease or illness. It’s the physical self that always gets sick last.

Nutritional Mapping

Nutritional mapping (aka reflexology) stems from the ancient art of acupressure, dating back about 4500 years. Reflexology, like acupressure, is rooted with the understanding that external points on the body are connected to internal organs. Whenever an organ or organ system is not functioning properly, the corresponding point on the body will be tender, tight or painful when light pressure is applied. 

During nutritional mapping you will lay on a table, fully clothed, and gentle pressure will be applied to 28 different acupressure points. You need only report what you feel. No needles are used and no discomfort lasts. Any discomfort felt for a moment is simply a messenger telling us there is imbalance in the corresponding body part or system.

Applied Kinesiology

There are many causes for imbalance, and many options for correcting it.  You usually can’t just change one thing or add one supplement and ‘fix’ everything.  Often, it’s like peeling back an onion; we improve one issue only to reveal the next…and the next, and the next. Eventually, with a systematic, mindful approach, using a variety of tools, we can get you feeling like you again. Whether it’s a lack of energy, chronic pain or multiple health issues piled high, nutritional mapping will help find the energetic imbalance behind it-so you can get in front of it. 

Using the science of Applied Kinesiology, and bringing what will clear the energetic connection into the body’s energy field (might be an oil, herb or something completely different), we can accurately figure out what the body needs to clear the point.  It’s your choice then, whether you want to employ that solution or not. But, really, isn’t that why you came? 

….and that’s where the magic happens.

Some people find Nutritional Mapping amazing when they see it.  It looks like magic but I can assure you it’s not.  In fact, it’s easy to understand when you understand the body’s meridian system, energy field and the connection between the two.  We offer Nutritional Mapping as a way to help you learn more about yourself, what you need and what may help you.   The rest is up to you. 

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