The Road (of health)

Imagine your health is a smooth, even, freshy paved road.  When you drive over it it feels calm, smooth, strong and supportive. Many cars drive over the road everyday. Back and forth, back and forth, all kinds of people, driving all kinds of cars, with millions of places to go, up and down, up and down the road. Seasons change and with them, changes to the road.  Millions of cars, hundreds of seasons.

Initially, the changes in the road are subtle, in fact you don’t even really recognize them as you come and go to work each day. The color fades a bit, there is some crumbling around the edges, maybe there are a few dips in the surface but you don’t really feel them because your busy or your car’s shock absorbers pick up the slack and mask the indentation.  Once in awhile a crater develops that creates bigger damage and a road crew has to come in and do a repair job which totally mixes up the traffic flow for awhile, but when the repair is done and the construction team leaves, you settle down and back into the usual flow -but now with a patch in the road.  Some time later you start noticing the smoothness has left the road. 

There’s several pot holes that you have to navigate around. Sometimes you see them and can avoid them and sometimes, Wham!, you run right over them and ‘ouch!’.

‘Geez!’, you think, ‘that didn’t feel good.’, but you keep going.  Lots to do.  Places to be. 

Lots of things happen on that road but it is strong, made of almost indespesible materials and it keeps serving it’s purpose of connecting people to people and people to places year after year, journey after journey.

One day, you get in your car and enter the road and STOP! There is a huge hole in the road! “ALL OF A SUDDEN there is this huge, gaping pot hole in the road so large that you’d actually get stuck if you tried to cross it.  Out of no where this big, gaping hole!  This one get’s your attention and actually interrupts your day as you back up, turn around and find a new, longer, more gas-sucking, more time-sucking way to get to where your going.  But you do it and get on with your day.  Man, you had a hard day but finally you’re coming home, ready for dinner and a peaceful evening before you start everything all over again tomorrow.  But STOP!, you can’t get home.  The road is closed and you say, ‘What the _____, I just want to get home! Open the road!’ But no one does.  They can’t.  Too much damage has been done from too many cars going back and forth, back and forth, with people going millions of places and small gravel and little dips and some extra things out of place from that time the men had to come and patch the road.  Now, no mater what you do, who you talk to or how much you pray, the road can’t be opened.  The pot hole is far and wide and deep.  No car in existence could traverse the hole and raise out of the other side.  You’re stuck.

Imagine your health is a road. Nutritional road-mapping points out the extra gravel, indentations and even small pot holes. That way, you can clean them up, fill them in and maintain your road before the inevitable STOP!  And you think, ‘oh yes, I see, that’s what will get me where I want to go’.  


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